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Our Adult education program


In this class, you will learn the secrets of communicating well in the English language. We will help you build your confidence in the use of language in everyday communication. Learn how to use the right words and avoid common errors every time you speak and write.

The Foreign Language class

Your ability to speak more than one international language obviously gives you an edge in today’s business world. At The Adult School International , you can learn international languages such as French, German, Spanish, Chinese, etc.


If you truly desire to build a successful business or improve on your business, this class is for you. You have an opportunity to learn skills in communication, accounting, management, and lots more. Learn how to write business letters, memos, and quotations that bring in business for you fast.


If your work involves speaking to people, the right pronunciation matters; otherwise, people may not get your meaning. This class will be a benefit to you if you are a newscaster, preacher, an MC, and so on. Learn the right way to pronounce every word.

Our Adult education program


This class prepares you to take external examinations such as SSCE ( School Cert.),GCE, etc. We also prepare you for entrance examinations into the higher institution of your choice. Moreover, we guide you on the course you can choose that will really fit your interests.


If all you want is simply to brush yourself up in your studies, this class is just for you. Maybe you have left school for sometime and you would like to get back to learning, we can help you do that.


Our private classes are designed for you to be taught at your own convenience at any of our centres or outside of them. You can take a private class in any of our classes.

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