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Welcome To Adult School International

You are welcome to the Adult School International, a subsidiary of The Genius Camp, an educational and self-development centre.

At the Adult School International, our focus is to make people relevant to today’s world by giving them hope while teaching them.

To achieve this, we have set up different educational programmes both for the illiterate and literate, business and career people.

We specialise in teaching adult learners – those who did not have a formal education when they were young.

Our programmes/courses cover different categories of people – from those who do not know how to read, write and speak good English to those who do but would like to brush up themselves.

In case you belong to any if the categories stated above, I want to assure you that you have logged on to the site where your desired goals can be achieved.

Therefore, enjoy your reading. Take time to go through the testimonials of some of our people who have tried us.

Rotimi Johnson | CEO, The Genius Camp Ltd.

Rotimi Johnson


12 Sep, 2019

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